BIGDY IT Support for Business

Do you need expert and reliable IT support and cloud services?

Since 2000, BIGDY has provided IT services and cloud services businesses have come to rely on.

On-site IT services and cloud-based services & apps – email, websites, hosting, domains, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365). You choose how you prefer to work with BIGDY IT.

  • Remote Desktop IT support or on-site IT services.
  • You don’t have to repeat yourself. With your permission – we will securely document your support incidents, and your standard operating environment – how your business computers, servers, cloud, network, and Wi-Fi are setup. No such thing as a dumb question, though the less questions you get (because we’ve documented processes previously) – the quicker you get back to work.
  • IT Helpdesk. Your central help desk to track all your support tickets and knowledge of IT support services history.
  • You don’t have to worry about someone pressing the “red button” and taking your business offline. Business impact is evaluated before every IT support task, before every click or tap of the enter key.
  • Are you wary of IT support providers with a solution in search of a problem? BIGDY assesses the right solution for business need, irrespective of on-premise, or cloud platform – AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, or other. BIGDY acts as your IT consultant on your business strategy team.
  • Does IT security create fear about all the things that may be happening you can’t see? Improve security and reduce risk. Security insight is critical end-to-end across every computer, device, network, and internet firewall, with non-negotiable reporting and alerting.

What customers say about BIGDY

“The team are professional, efficient and are always quick to help us resolve any IT issues we are having, they even help us outside normal hours! Highly recommend and look forward to our continued partnership working together.”

Adam Robson
Prekaro Projects

“From extremely prompt responses to time after time completing the tasks at hand for us without hassle. Allowing us to focus on what we do with piece of mind knowing that BIGDY will deliver and exceed expectations.”

Elliott Booth
Ella Sabe Club

BIGDY Services

BIGDY IT Services for Business

Remote Desktop Support.

You don’t have to wait for on-site support to turn up to fix Windows and Mac computer problems quickly. Remote IT Support uses the internet to remotely control your computer as if the IT technician is physically there.

Speed up resolution time and get back to work. Faster access to your computer by your BIGDY IT computer technician means faster troubleshooting.

On-site IT Support

IT support is available on-site. Call 0408423764 to book BIGDY IT.

Windows Server

20 years experience with Windows server deployments, and server maintenance. Physical or virtualised servers – vSphere, Hyper-V, xen, and other. Whatever problem your Microsoft Windows servers have, we’ve worked on similar server issues before.

Now server virtualisation rules – we support Azure server virtual machines, and AWS linux and windows virtual servers. Hybrid infrastructure, wholly on-premises, or cloud.

Cloud-based or On-Premises, or Both

Are your applications and servers cloud-based, in your office, or hybrid? Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or in your office computer room? Or spread across multiple cloud platforms and on-premises? We don’t mind.

Wi-Fi and Network Support

Do you have Wi-Fi network problems? We can help design and optimise your Wi-Fi. We’ve rolled out Wi-Fi by the suburb for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, and we’ve deployed by the floor in multi-level Sydney CBD office buildings. Wireless networking is make or break for business productivity.


How is your security? Does security oversight and insight lapse with the busy-ness of business? What is really going on over your internet connection?

Any passwords are not retained by BIGDY unless explicitly entrusted to BIGDY. Passwords all go in the Password Vault – an IT service provider encrypted password database.

Backup and recovery goes further than your server. How is the versioning and backup setup and tested for –

  • Your cloud drives? (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive).
  • Email and calendars? (G Suite, Office 365)
  • Your cloud platforms? (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure)

Endpoint Protection – Viruses, Malware, Spyware

Protect all desktop, server, network, and firewall endpoints from viruses, malware, spyware.

Cloud Apps Support

Email, calendaring, and contacts with Google G Suite, and Microsoft Office 365.

Migrating your email and files?

  • Files and folders migration services for Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint, Dropbox.
  • Email, calendars and contacts migration services for Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite.

Cloud Platform Support:

  • Microsoft Azure,
  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Other. It’s about your business requirements.

Procurement and Upgrades

Licensing, software, and hardware.

Managed IT Services

Do you prefer flat rate monthly budgeting for IT services? Makes a lot of sense to say goodbye to unpredictable IT costs from month to month. Managed IT Services introduce service level agreements for peace of mind for every piece of your IT infrastructure – from staff computers to servers, networks, and internet firewall.

IT managed services from BIGDY include proactive maintenance, routine IT support, and system management to monitor, report and remediate issues across your devices, computers, networks, internet, and servers.